How to hang Eyelet Curtains

Fig 1

Fig 1


1)Eyelet curtains are for poles only. No hooks or rings are required so please remove from the pole before you begin.


2)Holding the curtain with the face of the fabric towards you, fold the first eyelet away from you and thread the eyelet onto the curtain pole.


3)In order to avoid the whole curtain sliding into the middle of the window when you close the curtains, you should position the first eyelet on the outside edge of the pole bracket. This will secure the outside edge of the curtain at the end of the curtain pole. See Fig 1


, How to hang Eyelet Curtains

Fig 2


4)Continue folding the eyelets towards and away from you in a concertina style until the entire curtain has been added to the pole. See Fig. 2


Repeat this process with the second curtain.




Dressing your curtains: All curtains need time to settle and it may take a few weeks for any creasing to drop out and the folds to fall correctly.

Tip: to achieve a professional look, pull the curtains back, the curtain fabric will naturally fall into pleats. Starting from the top, gently smooth each of these pleats. Next take a strip of fabric, ribbon or cord and loosely tie around each curtain to keep the pleats in place. Keep the curtains tied in position for a min of 48 hours. This will allow your curtain to develop distinct and even pleats.





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