How to hang your wave head curtains


Introduction to Wave

Wave head is a neat and stylish curtain heading. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and Wave glider-cord to get a soft and simple continuous wave effect.

The cord uses the premium 2C (two-component) glider which is manufactured using two materials, a hard component which ensures stability and a soft ‘filling’ to absorb noise. The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains but the fabric hangs directly below the track in a neat and uniform style. Wave has some key advantages over traditional curtain heading

– Minimised curtain stack
– Simple curtain dressing
– Form throughout the curtain drop
– Minimalist appearance
– Suits traditional and modern interiors
– Compatible with pelmets

Dressing The Curtain

One of the many advantages of Wave is that it is comparatively simple to dress. When hanging the curtain pull the first fold towards you and push the second backwards. Continue to the end of the curtain.

, How to hang your wave head curtains

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