How to hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Fig 1

Figure 1

1) Pencil pleat curtains are delivered flat (not pulled) to avoid excessive creasing.  Before you gather your curtains check that one end of the cord is sewn into the tape and cannot move (this is your leading edge).  At the other end the cords are loose.  Begin by pulling them slightly and tie a knot to ensure the ends are not lost (tie a knot in both ends if both ends are loose). See Fig 1



2) You now need to fix your curtains at the width they will be when they are closed. To do this take one end of the curtain, hold the tie cords firmly in one hand whilst gently pushing the curtain heading evenly along the cords. Draw the curtains to the required width. See Fig. 2.  When pulling up a 6inch pencil pleat it may be helpful to tie the cords to a wooden spoon and use this as a lever (rotating the cords around the spoon as you work).  Alternatively you may find it easier to pull up two cords at a time and just work through the curtain in sections.

, How to hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Figure 2

3) Check the width is correct by holding each curtain up at the pole or track. Tip: allow for a slight overlap in the middle (approx 2.5 cm or 1 inch) so the curtains fully close.





4) Once you are happy with the width tie the surplus cord string at the outer edge of the curtain. Never cut the cord or tie too tightly as you will need to undo your curtains before cleaning. Excess cord can then be tucked neatly behind the tape out of the way. Do this for both curtains.

5) Inserting hooks. Divide the rings, or glider hooks evenly to each side of your pole or track. Insert the curtain hooks evenly along the curtain header tape to correspond with the number of rings or glider hooks on the pole or track. Don’t forget to count the fixed end stop if you are using a track. See Fig. 3

, How to hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Figure 3







6)Pencil pleat curtain tape has three rows for height setting. To get the right

For tracks: Insert the hooks into the lower rows so that the heading covers
the track

For poles: Insert the hooks into the top row of the pockets so that the curtain
hangs below the pole.

7) Next attach each hook to a glider or ring. Pull the curtains back making sure
the spaces between the curtain hooks are even. Adjust accordingly. Starting
from the top gently smooth each pleat for the folds to form neatly.

8) Dressing your curtains once up. All curtains need time to settle and it may
take a few weeks for any creasing to drop out and the folds to fall correctly.

Tip: to achieve a professional look, take a strip of fabric, ribbon or cord and
loosely tie around each curtain to keep the pleats in place. Keep the curtains
tied in position for a min of 48 hours. This will allow your curtain to develop
distinct and even pleats.


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