Selecting the right lining

Lining curtains extends their lifespan. It protects them from damage caused by sunlight, ensures that the fabric hangs properly and gives a professional finish. We recommend that all curtains are lined, but can make unlined curtains on request.

At County Fabrics we offer premium crease-resistant off-white, ivory, chalk or white lining as standard. However, we can provide quotes for a full range of coloured linings.

Blackout lining: Blackout lining greatly reduces the amount of light coming into a room and is perfect for children’s bedrooms. Remember though that light may still come into the room round the sides and tops of your curtains. Blackout lining also improves the thermal performance of curtains.

We love using our brushed cotton lining as it adds a little body to the curtains and is a more cost effective option than interlining.

Interlined curtains: Interlining is a layer of fleecy material sandwiched between your curtain fabric and the lining.

It is very popular as the extra volume adds luxury to the finished curtains at low cost. Interlining also offers additional protection from fading and enhances the curtains’ thermal performance. All of our interlined curtains are hand stitched in Scotland along the side and bottom seams.

Our roman blinds can be made with any of the above linings or a bonded interlining (lining with a layer of fleece material attached).

At County Fabrics we are passionate about quality and believe that curtains hang far better when separate lining and interlining are used. This avoids the stiffness that can come with adhesive.

Bespoke linings: Surprise your neighbours! Why not line your curtains with a funky fabric that looks great from the outside? This is a great option for door curtains.