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May Natural
RRP £59.00 pm.  £19.95 pm.

Bugs Multi
RRP £21.95 pm.  £14.95 pm.

Roll end fabrics

Our vast selection of roll end designer fabrics is unique, and on sale at huge reductions to the RRP.

127 Fabrics Listed
Fallen Leaves Grey/Gold Limited Stock Order Sample County Fabrics Fallen Leaves Grey/Gold £14.95 pm
Thistle Duckegg Order Sample County Fabrics Thistle Duckegg £14.95 pm
Vintage Grey Tartans Limited Stock Order Sample County Fabrics Vintage Grey Tartans £16.95 pm
Serengeti Multi Order Sample Andrew Martin Serengeti Multi £25.95 pm
Paddling Ducks Linen Order Sample Voyage Paddling Ducks Linen £33.95 pm
Amy Elephant Linen Order Sample County Fabrics Amy Elephant Linen £19.95 pm
Osterley Blackcurrant Limited Stock Order Sample Chess Design Osterley Blackcurrant £21.95 pm
Remus Buff Order Sample Voyage Remus Buff £16.95 pm
Remus Orchid Order Sample Voyage Remus Orchid £16.95 pm
Sylvie Biscuit Order Sample Voyage Sylvie Biscuit £16.95 pm
Hawley Putty (140cm wide) Order Sample Voyage Hawley Putty (140cm wide) £16.95 pm
Botanical Coral Order Sample Fryetts Botanical Coral £21.95 pm
Birdsong Blue Limited Stock Order Sample County Fabrics Birdsong Blue £14.95 pm
Paula Picas Limited Stock Order Sample County Fabrics Paula Picas £21.95 pm
Arielli Paprika Order Sample Voyage Arielli Paprika £18.95 pm
Entico Picas (col 40) Limited Stock Order Sample County Fabrics Entico Picas (col 40) £21.95 pm
Danbury Pomegranate Order Sample Voyage Danbury Pomegranate £25.95 pm
Meadwell Skylark Order Sample Voyage Meadwell Skylark £25.95 pm
Remus poppy Order Sample Voyage Remus poppy £16.95 pm
Weycroft Pomegranate Order Sample Voyage Weycroft Pomegranate £25.95 pm
Pennyfarthing (Sepia) Order Sample Voyage Pennyfarthing (Sepia) £25.95 pm
Toadstools Taupe Order Sample Voyage Toadstools Taupe £25.95 pm
Venatu Meadow Order Sample Voyage Venatu Meadow £24.95 pm
Nocturnal Duckegg Order Sample Voyage Nocturnal Duckegg £25.95 pm
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