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Curtain Headings

Use our simple guide to help you choose the correct heading style for your curtains.

Our most popular heading styles are outlined below. 

However, if you fancy something different, just contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Pencil pleat is suitable for use with poles and tracks and is our most popular heading style.

We offer a standard (7.6 cm) pencil pleat and a deep (13.8cm) pencil pleat. We recommend using the deep pencil pleat for curtains with a finished length of more than 2.5m.

Pencil Pleat

Triple pinch pleat is a more formal/decorative heading style suitable for use with poles and tracks. 

We offer handmade pinch pleats or standard pinch pleats, both with a depth of 13.8cm. The standard pinch pleats are made using a heading tape, but the tape will be pulled up and pleats stitched before the curtains are delivered unless otherwise agreed. 

Please contact us for a bespoke quote for handmade pleats.

Triple pinch pleat

Cartridge pleat is a decorative heading style suitable for use with poles and tracks. 

Our cartridge pleats are made using tape with a depth of 9cm. Cartridges are spaced at regular intervals across the curtain width. These pleats are particularly useful when curtains are required to stack back neatly.

Cartridge pleat

Tab top curtains are a modern heading style suitable for use with curtain poles only. 

Curtains are hung from a pole by evenly spaced fabric tabs made from the same fabric as the rest of the curtains. Please remember that the curtain pole should extend at least 30cms on either side of the window to allow space for the pulled back tabs, and should be fitted at least 15 cms above the window.

Eyelet curtains are a contemporary style suitable for use with curtain poles only. 

These curtains have a strip of stiffener sown into them to create a clean straight topline to the curtains. Each curtain is fitted with eyelets regularly spaced across the full width of the stiffener. 

Eyelets are available in a choice of colors and sizes. We recommend that for poles up to 30mm in diameter, a 40mm eyelet should be used.  For poles with a diameter of 30-40mm a 50mm eyelet is used and for poles with a 40-55mm diameter, we recommend a 66mm eyelet.     A minimum of 4cm clearance is required above the pole for the curtain to move freely.


Important advice on a finished look for eyelet, triple pinched and cartridge pleated curtains

Fabric selection

Triple pinch pleats, cartridge pleats and eyelets are spaced regularly across the curtain. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee where each stripe or pattern repeat will fall on a hanging curtain. This may result in some parts of the pattern being more visible than others.  

Please also be aware that seams may fall within the pleat/eyelet or in the space between pleats. Feel free to ask us if you need further advice. 

Trims and accessories

All our curtains can be edged or finished with a trim of your choice.

We can also provide cushions, tiebacks, valances, bedspreads, tablecloths etc in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements.